July 14th @Happy Lucky n1 (with Eli Wallace, TBD)

August 5th @Downtown Music Gallery (Trio with Michael Foster and Joanna Mattrey)




June 22 @Alternative Guitar Festival with Joe Morris

June 17th @Noise Workshop (trio with Sandy Ewen and Nicola Hein)

June 10th @Trans Pecos (trio with Sandy Ewen and Nicola Hein)

May 29th @Pete's Candy Store (with Nicola Hein, Sandy Ewen, Aron Namenwirth)

May 22nd @49 Shade (Trio with Brandon Lopez and Michael Foster, Lester St. Louis, Motel)

May 21st @CUNY Grad Center (Trio with Paul Feitzinger and Michelle Yom)

May 17th @Main Drag (Duo with Jessica Ackerley, Ian Douglas-Moore, Katie Battistoni, Aaron Quinn) 

May 8th @Pete's Candy Story (duo with Jonah Parzen-Johnson)

May 3rd @Spectrum (trio with Sean Ali and Jason Mears)

May 2nd @Muchmore's with Nicola Hein

April 23  @Bushwick Public House (trio with Sandy Ewen and Lauri Hyvarinen)

April 12 @iBeam (Solo. Mara Rosenbloom / Emilie Lesbros duo. Slideshow Junky)

March 21st @Muchmore's with Nicola Hein, Joe Hertenstein, David Watson, Ian Douglas Moore

March 9 @iBeam with Jason Mears, Quentin Tolomieri and Carlo Costa

February 27 @Pete's Candy Store (Trio with Joanna Mattrey and Michael Foster)

February 17 @Spectrum (Trio with Sean Ali and Jason Mears)

Feb 8 CD Release Party @Spectrum with Elliott Sharp, Sean Ali, Azumi Oe, Carlo Costa

Jan 25th @Planeta with dancer Dia Dearstyne


Dec 27th @Muchmore's (Collective with Anastasia Clarke, Andrea Parkins, Cecilia Lopez, David Watson)

Dec 3rd @Triskelion Art Center. Quarry Improvised Music. Duo with Brandon Lopez

Nov 20th @Bushiwck Improvised Music Series (With Michael Evans, Jonah Rosenberg, Stuart Popejoy)

Nov 19th @Trans Pecos (Duo with Public Speaking)

Nov 17th @Mirror In The Woods (Duo with Brandon Lopez. Sandy Ewen/Chris Pitsiokos)

Nov 11th Puerto Rico benefit show @49 Shade (Duo with Tiff Ortiz)

Oct 30th @H0L0 (Duo with Max Alper)

Oct 21st @49 Shade (Trio with Brandon Lopez/Carlo Costa. Bob Bellerue, Michael Foster/Richard Kamerman)

Oct 6 2017 (with Matthew Ostrowski) 

Sept 23rd Plaza Guitarz, curated by Elliott Sharp (Solo. Norman Westberg, Sandy Ewen, On Ka’a Davis, Anders Nillson, and E#)

Sept 19th @H0L0 (Trio with Elliott Sharp and Weasel Walter. Brandon Lopez. Sarah Bernstein/Kid Millions)

Sept 15th @Spectrum (Solo. Underorder. Elijah Shiffer)

Sept 11th @H0L0 (Trio with Max Alper and Taja Cheek. Chris LiButti. Michael Evans)

August 27th @Pete's Candy Store (Duo with Tiff Ortiz)

August 9th @49 Shade (Duo with Alejandro Flórez. Jeanann Dara. Lucas Brode)

August 4th (Solo at Pete's Candy Store)

August 2nd @C'mon Everybody (Duo with Matthew Ostrowski. Public Speaking. Eternal Garb)

July 30 @49 Shade (Trio with Taja Cheek and Max Alper. Alex Silva. Melmann)

July 16th @DROM (Duo with Tiff Ortiz)

July 13th @DROM (Duo with Tiff Ortiz)

June 29th @the Sump (Duo with Matthew Ostrowski, Bob Bellerue, War Hippy)

JUNE 20th @Cmon Everybody (Duo with Tiff Ortiz)

JUNE 8th @49 Shade (Duo with Steve Dalachinsky. Robert Dick-Adam Caine. David Watson. Nick Lyons)

MAY 31st @49 Shade (Duo with Kevin Shea. Michael Foster Solo. Brandon Lopez trio. Eames Armstrong)

MAY 13th @49 Shade (Duo with Kevin Shea)

MAY 4th @49 Shade (Solo. Stephen Flinn)

APRIL 22nd @Casey Berman Music series (Solo. Ian Chang)

APRIL 5TH @MUCHMORE'S (Solo+Duo with Elliott Sharp. David Watson/Chris LiButti Duo)

(HOSTING) MARCH 30 @49 Shade (Guillermo Gregorio (clarinet & compostions), Josh Sinton (bass clarinet), Art Bailey (accordion) & Ken Filiano (bass). Nicola Hein [guitar) meets Brandon Lopez (bass)

MARCH 29TH @Bushwick House Show (Solo. Lucie Vítková/Nicola Hein duo)

MARCH 16th @49 Shade (Trio with Nicola Hein/Federico Ughi. Josh Sinton/Nathaniel Morgan Duo. Max Alper. Talibam!)

MARCH 3RD @MUCHMORE'S (Solo. Gabe Zucker)








Huge thanks go to the people that donated to my Kickstarter campaign, Lea Wülferth, Vincenzo Aniello, Dan Kleederman, Dan Covert, Joshua Neckes, Polly Barnes among many others.