June 29th @the Sump (Duo with Matthew Ostrowski, Bob Bellerue, War Hippy)





JUNE 20th @Cmon Everybody (Duo with Tiff Ortiz)

JUNE 8th @49 Shade (Duo with Steve Dalachinsky. Robert Dick-Adam Caine. David Watson. Nick Lyons)

MAY 31st @49 Shade (Duo with Kevin Shea. Michael Foster Solo. Brandon Lopez trio. Eames Armstrong)

MAY 13th @49 Shade (Duo with Kevin Shea)

MAY 4th @49 Shade (Solo. Stephen Flinn)

APRIL 22nd @Casey Berman Music series (Solo. Ian Chang)

APRIL 5TH @MUCHMORE'S (Solo+Duo with Elliott Sharp. David Watson/Chris LiButti Duo)

(HOSTING) MARCH 30 @49 Shade (Guillermo Gregorio (clarinet & compostions), Josh Sinton (bass clarinet), Art Bailey (accordion) & Ken Filiano (bass). Nicola Hein [guitar) meets Brandon Lopez (bass)

MARCH 29TH @Bushwick House Show (Solo. Lucie Vítková/Nicola Hein duo)

MARCH 16th @49 Shade (Trio with Nicola Hein/Federico Ughi. Josh Sinton/Nathaniel Morgan Duo. Max Alper. Talibam!)

MARCH 3RD @MUCHMORE'S (Solo. Gabe Zucker)



DECEMBER 7TH @MUCHMORE'S (Solo. MVCarbon. Rootless)

DECEMBER 9TH 2016 @COUSTOFWAXMAN (Collective show with Jonah-Parzen Johnson, Jen Baker, Johnny Butler)

SEPTEMBER 30TH 2016 @THE FOOTLIGHT (Duo with Max Alper. Jeanann Dara. Public Speaking)

SEPTEMBER 14 2016 @TRANS-PECOS, BROOKLYN (Solo. Jonah Parzen-Johnson. Johnny Butler) 

AUGUST 14 2016 @MUCHMORE'S, BROOKLYN (Solo. Max Alper. Michael Foster)





Just finished working with Elliott Sharp on the mixing of my upcoming record "solos." Stay tuned for the release date.