by Concepts Project. Liberatore And DeVore Duo

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All About Jazz [Concepts CD Review]

The Italian guitar player Matteo Liberatore met Illinois bass player Jerry Devore at NYU in 2008. They immediately realized that they had many musical ideas in common. They both had the idea of interpreting in a loose way the intersections of old genres that nowadays are just used as faded labels.
In this beautiful duo work, Matteo and Jerry were inspired, more than by the recent Beyond the Missouri Sky of Charlie Haden and Pat Metheny, by the forgotten Jim's duo album, published by Artist House in 1978: an extraordinary album that would deserve to be reprinted and distributed.
On Concepts, four of Matteo Liberatore's compositions interlace elegantly with three common standards. However, the standards are treated like a secret excursion to the beautiful sunset, in a certainly original and fascinating way.
The music of this album is delicate and fragile; plenty of little shakes and melancholic brushstrokes of whispered watercolors. Let it sing.
by Maurizio Comandini