Ashen Figure

by Ashen Figure

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Ashen Figure formed in early 2010 when Matteo Liberatore, Evan Crane, and  Jake St. John met at New York University. After teaming up with singer Kellie Norris, the quartet took to the practice room and the stages of New  York’s Lower East Side and Brooklyn to hone their new musical identity, one that  is brooding and unpredictable.

It was this identity that was channeled into their late-2010 debut LP, the self-  titled and self-produced Ashen Figure. Mastered by the great Howie Weinberg  (Nirvana, Jeff Buckley, Metallica), the album manages to bring their powerful,  moody, and tempestuous sound to fruition. Considering its host of disparate  influences, including 90s avant-grunge and post-rock, contemporary chamber music, free jazz, trip-hop, and Italian pop from the 70s, Ashen Figure manages to organically synthesize all its constituent parts and emerge whole, gleaming, and unmistakably new.

The group has been supporting the album by touring the USA and Europe.