August 9th (Duo with Alejandro Flórez. Jeanann Dara. Lucas Brode)

August 4th (Solo at Pete's Candy Store)

August 2nd (Duo with Matthew Ostrowski. Public Speaking. Eternal Garb)

July 30 (Trio with Taja Cheek and Max Alper. Alex Silva. Melmann)





July 16th @DROM (Duo with Tiff Ortiz)

July 13th @DROM (Duo with Tiff Ortiz)

June 29th @the Sump (Duo with Matthew Ostrowski, Bob Bellerue, War Hippy)

JUNE 20th @Cmon Everybody (Duo with Tiff Ortiz)

JUNE 8th @49 Shade (Duo with Steve Dalachinsky. Robert Dick-Adam Caine. David Watson. Nick Lyons)

MAY 31st @49 Shade (Duo with Kevin Shea. Michael Foster Solo. Brandon Lopez trio. Eames Armstrong)

MAY 13th @49 Shade (Duo with Kevin Shea)

MAY 4th @49 Shade (Solo. Stephen Flinn)

APRIL 22nd @Casey Berman Music series (Solo. Ian Chang)

APRIL 5TH @MUCHMORE'S (Solo+Duo with Elliott Sharp. David Watson/Chris LiButti Duo)

(HOSTING) MARCH 30 @49 Shade (Guillermo Gregorio (clarinet & compostions), Josh Sinton (bass clarinet), Art Bailey (accordion) & Ken Filiano (bass). Nicola Hein [guitar) meets Brandon Lopez (bass)

MARCH 29TH @Bushwick House Show (Solo. Lucie Vítková/Nicola Hein duo)

MARCH 16th @49 Shade (Trio with Nicola Hein/Federico Ughi. Josh Sinton/Nathaniel Morgan Duo. Max Alper. Talibam!)

MARCH 3RD @MUCHMORE'S (Solo. Gabe Zucker)



DECEMBER 7TH @MUCHMORE'S (Solo. MVCarbon. Rootless)

DECEMBER 9TH 2016 @COUSTOFWAXMAN (Collective show with Jonah-Parzen Johnson, Jen Baker, Johnny Butler)

SEPTEMBER 30TH 2016 @THE FOOTLIGHT (Duo with Max Alper. Jeanann Dara. Public Speaking)

SEPTEMBER 14 2016 @TRANS-PECOS, BROOKLYN (Solo. Jonah Parzen-Johnson. Johnny Butler) 

AUGUST 14 2016 @MUCHMORE'S, BROOKLYN (Solo. Max Alper. Michael Foster)





Just finished working with Elliott Sharp on the mixing of my upcoming record "solos." Stay tuned for the release date.